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An ecologically sounder and more effective way for ‘psy’ disciplines to attune to people attuning to the world.

“For me, clarity, perspicuity are valuable in themselves….we are aiming at complete clarity…so all philosophical problems should completely disappear.”


About Kno News

Kno News was first developed as a web site and printed newsletter in the 1990s. It was taken down in the 2000s, and then revised and reactivated in 2016. It contains academic papers, blogs, and resources for therapists and others interested in mental health.

Kno News is written by Nick Drury. Nick holds two Masters degrees in Psychology and a Diploma of Clinical Psychology in New Zealand. He has been practicing as a therapist for more than 35 years.

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Academic Papers

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Cultivating a Therapeutic Self-The literature on ‘expertise’, enactivism, and Foucault’s parrhēsia are reviewed to show a ‘no-self self’.

A mechanism for competency (Unpublished)-A review of the NZ HPCA Act, guild protection rackets, and an alternative mechanism for public protection.

Risk, responsivity and responsibility in mental health: A Star wars story from Aotearoa. (Unpublished)-Foucault and the ‘Star Wars’ motif are used to show the dark-side has taken over as risk-management processes reduce effectiveness.

‘Star Wars’ in mental health and welfare. (Unpublished)-Flying under the flag of public protection risk management is doing harm and preventing Jedis from fighting the neoliberal empire.

A taste of Wittgenstein for SFBT – 2. Journal of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, 1, 2: 41-58-This article is made available with the consent of the copyright holder, the Journal of Solution Focused Brief Therapy. An overview of Wittgenstein and the Philosophical Investigations for Solution Focused Brief therapists.

A taste of Wittgenstein for SFBT – 1. Journal of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, 1,1: 11-29.-This article is made available with the consent of the copyright holder, the Journal of Solution Focused Brief Therapy. An overview of Wittgenstein and the Tractatus for Solution Focused Brief therapists.


Clients as Heroes

It’s 50 years since Carl Rogers published his Client Centered Therapy with it’s claim that no...

Grass and Law’n Order

If we are to seriously entertain an alternative to our current draconian treatment of “the drug...

Psychosis: A Brief Note

Sometime ago the World Health Organisation funded a study exploring the prevalence of psychotic...

Thought-Field Therapy

One of the more unusual schools of therapy to emerge on the American scene in the past decade has...

Appreciative Enquiry (A Solution Focused Approach to Management, Nov 2000: 4,5)

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a constructionist inspired approach to organisational development,...

Go Ask Alice*-The Search For An Effective Therapist

"The challenge of accountability, the managed-care meteor hurtling toward Planet Therapy, has...

Missing Page From DSM Discovered!

Person Taxonomy Disorder (PTD) is a condition which affects many professionals but it seems to be...

Talk of Miracles

In the year 2000 when this blog was first published, a directory of counselors and...

Ludwig Wittgenstein’s PHILOSOPHICAL INVESTIGATIONS (The First 120 Aphorisms)

ND: Perhaps one of the most important philosophical texts for those wanting to make the shift to a...

A Little Zen (Revised 2015)

Anyone studying counselling or psychotherapy might find it useful to study a little Zen along the...

Early Intervention Ethics

With an estimate of a little over 1% of the population attracting a diagnosis of schizophrenia, it...


Let’s look at ‘Recovery’ in a deeper way; in a way that includes helping our culture recover a...

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